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Chalices - Calici


Unique, hand-thrown ceramic chalices (calici) personally crafted by Priestess Berta. Only at StregaCrafts!

Each chalice is one-of-a-kind work of art that has been carefully crafted and fired with the intention of creating a mystical and magical tool for witchcraft and honoring the Gods. Colors are often blended to create stunning designs. All chalices are created with non-toxic glaze and are safe for ritual drinking.

Priestess Berta is an accomplished potter and artist (professional photographer). She is known for creating chalices that are works of art and drums that are as musical as they are beautiful. Priestess Berta has studied shamanic witchcraft, Chthonioi-Alexandrian Wicca, and is a "Faerie Worker".
12 oz Chalice
~12 oz, ~6.75" high, ~4.25 wide mouth

Personal chalice, primarily sage green with a black rim with swirls that "drip" down the side. (Product ID: BADCAM02)  [BADCAM02]  (Qty in Stock: 1)
15 oz. Chalice
~15 oz., ~6,75" high, ~5.5 wide mouth

Large chalice with large flaring mouth, base color (inside mouth and foot) is teal and gold, outer chalice is primarily black, base above stem has some teal/gold designs peaking through. (Product ID: BADCAM04)  [BADCAM04]  (Qty in Stock: 1)
16 oz. Chalice
~16 oz., ~7" high, ~5" wide mouth

Large chalice, Primary color is blue gray dappled with gold, rim color is brown and gold with one classic "drip". (Product ID: BADCAM05)  [BADCAM05]  (Qty in Stock: 1)
20 oz. Chalice
~20 oz., ~7.25" high, ~5" wide mouth

Large chalice, Primary color is brick red, rim is green/gold, and the inside mouth color descending from the rim is varying shades of light to dark blue. (Product ID: BADCAM06)  [BADCAM06]  (Qty in Stock: 1)
8 oz. Chalice
~8 oz., ~6.25" high, ~4" wide mouth

Personal chalice, colors are swirls of yellow sage and skyblue/white with a base dappled with reddish purple. (Product ID: BADCAM01)  [BADCAM01]  (Qty in Stock: 1)
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