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Strega Crafts is dedicated to Witchcraft derived from the cultures and magical traditions of Sicily/Italy and the Mediterranean. These Paths are also known as La Vecchia Religione, The Old Religion, Stregheria, Stregoneria, Benedicaria, and more. Our items are either personally handmade and empowered by us or are magically crafted for us by real people who know what they're doing. As "New World Practitioners" of the "Old Religion", we hope to bring together the integrity and quality of the past through modern-day practices and venues.

At this time, we are only serving private clients through personal consultations. A Personal Consultation is a private session up to 30 minutes long where I discuss with the client their magical goals and help them to focus on course of action. Based on the plan we co-create, I will design and make a custom magical item to aid in the client's magical goal. Examples of items would be a "Dressed & Blessed" Strega Spell Candle, a 2 oz. jar of handmade loose incense, personally blended bath salts or ritual soap, specifically blended anointing oils and potions, or a custom brevi/charm bag.

From time to time, we will be offering items and supplies to the public (occasional sales). For more information, please send an inquiry to

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Don't settle for just any commercial product for your magical supplies. Come to us for Quality and Integrity. Or fuhgeddaboudit. :-)
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